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What is Character Licensing?

A Character or brand license is the permission to use known images or logos, such as film and cartoon characters, on consumer products or in promotions. Licensors of characters are usually film production companies, TV production companies or toy organizations: the owners of the characters. The licensees are the companies that want to use these trademarks or images for their promotions or products. The addition of a character or brand creates a new licensed product originating from an existing generic product.

Why a character license?

The use of a license (character, logo etc.) on a product or within a promotion is not easy. A logo or character is always the property of the copyright owner / licensor and the use thereof is therefore correctly regulated by a license agreement.
Character Licensing is a specialty and a relatively young and contemporary marketing instrument. In recent years, the range of licenses has increased, as has the confidence of retailers and consumers. Trademarc Licensing masters this specialism in detail and represents leading licensors.

The advantages

Advantages for the licensor are an increase in character or brand exposure and additional revenues (royalties). This is accompanied by minimal risks whereby the licensor always remains the rightful claimant. In addition, one has additional protection of trademarks and brand standards. One condition is that there must be a solid strategy for the licensing program in advance. This will have to be carried out and monitored by a licensing expert.

A license gives an existing product and promotion added value and extra exposure. The benefits include a wider awareness of products and promotions and consequently an increase in sales and revenues. A competitive advantage over comparable products in the market.

The Licensing Industry
“Licensing remains as one the most exciting activities of the marketing mix. Many brand owners are waking up to the idea that their brands have a value that can be exploited in areas outside their current existence. The core equities of their brands can be used to raise much-needed additional revenue which can contribute directly to their bottom-line.”