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Sasiedzi | Pat i Mat

Sasiedzi ( Pat I Mat) is a classic Czech TV series and one of the most established children’s & family entertainment brands in various European countries. The idea of two neighbors was invented by Lubomír Beneš and Vladimír Jiránek from Prague.

The first TV episode was aired in 1976. The humoristic and family-friendly storylines of the characters are well known by kids between 3-8 years and due to over 40 years succes, also with their parents. A number of generations grew up with this famous TV series.

Its interesting to know that it takes about 3 months to shoot one 8 minutes long TV episode. The classis stop motion animation meant to shoot one phase of the movement on every frame of the 35mm film. There are about 11.000 small movements the animator has to realize for each 8 minutes movie.

TV & Cinema Exposure

Broadcasting of the new series! 
  • TVP ABC will broadcast the 52 new episodes as from winter 2018 and beyond..
  • Nowa TV (52 new episodes)
  • Pat i Mat cinema release (10 new episodes in cinema) expected in 2019.


Broadcasting of the first series (episode 1-77):
  • TVP ABC has broadcasted the first 77 episodes since the last 15 years
  • TV Spektrum / Fokus TV & Nowa TV broadcast in 2017-2018
  • Since the last 10 years: Canal Plus / Cyfrowy (2008-2013)



  • A daily increasing merchandising platform in Poland.
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Online Style Guide

  • Extensive ONLINE style guide available for licensees product development.


  • DVD’s of the new series (Episode 1-52) published by TVP-ABC

Fun Facts!

  • Patmat Studio started in Prague by Mr. Lubomir Beneš and and Mr. Jiranek in 1976. Pat Mat site
  • Sąsiedzi (Pat & Mat) celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2016.
  • Polish consumer website is on-line!
  • Primary target group: children 3-8 years.
  • Secondary target group: parents/caretakers age 25 > 99
  • Pat i Mat episodes are broadcasted in various major European countries, Asia and  the Middle East.
  • YouTube – Millions of views in Poland
  • Pat i Mat the movie was awarded at the 2018 13th China Int’lChildren’s Film Festival in Guangzhou as the children’s favorite Animated Feature
  • New movie release in China of 10 new episodes in April of 2019.

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