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Pat & Mat

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Primary targetgroup: kids 3-8

Secondary targetgroup: 8 years and up

Pat & Mat is a classic Czech TV series and one of the most established children’s & family entertainment brands in various European countries. The idea of two neighbors was invented by Lubomír Beneš and Vladimír Jiránek from Prague.

The first TV episode was aired in 1976. The humoristic and family-friendly storylines of the characters are well known by kids between 3-8 years and due to over 40 years succes, also with their parents. A number of generations grew up with this famous TV series. Funny, nostalgic animation with no dialogues. Short humoristic movies (6-7min) which takes place in and around their house.

Its interesting to know that it takes about 3 months to shoot one 8 minutes long TV episode. The classis stop motion animation meant to shoot one phase of the movement on every frame of the 35mm film. There are about 11.000 small movements the animator has to realize for each 8 minutes movie.

Further info a.o Wikipedia

TV Exposure

Broadcasting NEW series – 52 eps

– The Netherlands (VPRO & Netflix), Poland (TVP-ABC), Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway (NRK) & Sweden (SVT)


Broadcasting first series -1/77 eps

During the previous 20 years the first 77 episodes were syndicated around the world, being broadcast in countries including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Syria, Iraq, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, Finland, Japan, Norway, Spain, France, Iran, Hungary, Jordan, Australia, South Africa, and South Korea.

Cinema Exposure

Cinema Exposure

– 4 different cinema compilations are released during the last 4 years and are released in The Netherlands, Czech, Slovakia, Solvenia, China and France. The length of such compilation varies in between 40-70 minutes.

– Pat & Mat cinema release “Winterfun” realized a 1 Million (10 new episodes in cinema) box office in The Netherlands. The 4th cinema release to be expected fall 2019 in The Netherlands, Poland, France, China.



During the last decade hundreds of thousands DVD’s have been sold worldwide in more than 25 different countries.



Fun Facts!

Fun Facts

  • Over 130 TV episodes
  • More than 25 different book publications
  • Produced by Patmat Films in Prague. Check out their website: Pat Mat site
  • Pat & Mat celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2016.
  • YouTube – Millions of views around the world!
  • Pat & Mat the movie was awarded at the 2018 13th China Int’lChildren’s Film Festival in Guangzhou as the children’s favorite Animated Feature resulting in a national movie release in China in June of 2019
  • Theater performances releases increasingly popular
  • Popular line of licensing products. Follow this link
  • Successful consumer promotions. Follow this link
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Merchandising & photo's


  • Over 400 licensed products till date
  • A daily increasing merchandising platform.



Online Style Guide

Online style guide

  • Extensive ONLINE style guide available for licensees product development.

Consumer Promotions

Consumer Promotions

A variety of successfull consumer promotions supported by Pat & Mat. For more info click here.


TV | Online Commercials

TV |Online Commercials 

A variety of successfull (online-) TV commercials supported by Pat & Mat. For more info click here.

Eneco (Netherlands)

Lidl (Netherlands)


www.tipos.sk (Slovakia)

www.tablica.pl (Poland)





Events- and stage performances

Events- and stage performances


Both Czech and The Netherlands enjoy an annual theatre show already for 4 years. Great slapstick enertainment for kids and their parents. 

Mini Events (shopping mall ed.)

Meet & Greet costume performences

Pat & Mat Road Tour 




Retail Shop-in-a-shop

Praxis DIY www.praxis.nl 

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