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Trademarc Licensing

TradeMarc is the brainchild of Marc van Selms, an all-round licensing professional with extensive knowledge of the international licensing market.
Marc’s experience spans character merchandising and brands, loyalty and sales promotions and he has worked with most of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industry for more than 15 years .

TradeMarc is specialised in character merchandising and branding – brand extension. TradeMarc is an independent agency and gives advice on behalf of licensors and licensees worldwide.

Representing brands on behalf of copyright owners to deliver strategic merchandising programmes, branding and promotions.

for copyright owners; brand owners, movie and – TV companies, publishers etc.
licensing plan and strategy for manufacturers, promotional partners and retailers
sourcing for brands on behalf of (potential) licensees

Brand representation
TradeMarc delivers strategic and well developed licensing programs for owners of high calibre brands including luxury, lifestyle, corporate and globally recognised fashion and sports brands.
TradeMarc understand the emotive nature of brands and work with brand owners to define the direction they want to pursue with their property. We develop and manage licensing programmes that meets a brand’s every need.

Brand acquisition
TradeMarc’s extensive network and contacts means we are well placed to assist companies in buying and selling brands and finding potential partners. We establish an understanding of what the buyer/seller requires and endeavour to match that requirement within the marketplace.

Brand consulting
Thanks to TradeMarc’s in-depth knowledge of brands and consumer needs we have a highly developed nose for a brand’s strengths and the areas and categories these will work best in. Through this, we have an absolute understanding of a brand’s reach.

TradeMarc’s consulting services cover brands, consumers and licensing, from providing licensing expertise in legal cases to advising businesses on the licensing potential of their brand properties.

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