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What is a brand extension

Trademarc Licensing & brand extensions

Trademarc Licensing represents various brands that are available for promotional or product licenses. As far as we are concerned, a successful brand extension is conditional on both brand values being relevant and adding value to a new to be devlopped product. The owner of the brand is the Licensor. The company who uses the brand through a license agreement with the Licensor is the Licensee.

Trademarc Licensing mediates between companies whereby a strong cooperation and product match will arise. From  beginning stage to product introduction Trademarc shall be involved in order to support according to the guidelines as are customary within the licensing business.

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Source: Global Licensing Group

The benefits of a product or promotional brand extension


1. Strengthening the brand

Brand equity (or brand value) can be increased, by introducing suitable product carrying similar branding. This will offer a broader distribution platform to present the brand values and will allow the consumer to experience the brand in various ways. 

2. Keeping the brand “up to date”

The consumer expects a brand to empathize with him / her, to be timeless and to offer new products that respond to his or her current lifestyle. A strong brand must respond to this, an existing non-branded product line can take advantage of this via a license agreement issued with the brandowner. 

3. Reduction of marketing / advertising costs

With the same marketing budget, more support for the brand and the licensed promotion or product line can be achieved.